Dec 30, 2006

Transmitters of the Ineffable

We don't need anything
We are already there on the other side
The state of oneness is restored
The bliss within is to be felt with every breath

Between each step is a universe

The child gives his hand to mum
without asking where they are heading

Curious, creative and willing mind
Circles of time

Space is growing around us

Our thanks make beauty blossom

Divine gifts of rememberance
in deep breaths of fecund prana

We give it back gently
exhaling tunes

Nothing is taken
Everything is given

We are chords with which
the boundless mind plays
harmonic scales of love
and light

We are transmitters of the ineffable
We are sacred sound

We are the resonance of circles
We are sounding time

We are one
We are divine

Paulucci and Caroline

Nov 23, 2006

Body Suspension



TERRAS RARAS Ph: Randal Andrade 1997

SUPRANATURAL Ph: Randal Andrade 1997

EMBODIED Ph: Randal Andrade 1997

DEEP DIVING Ph: Randal Andrade 1997

FREE MIND Ph: Randal Andrade 1997

Bloom Ph: Kailash 2003

Doublehearted Ph: Kazuo

Nov 17, 2006


I cross the lake

I cross the ocean

I cross the streets

Traveling without moving

Silently moving

Penetrating the silence of my unquiet thoughts

Life and it’s meaning move so fast

Leaving no trace, leaving nothing behind

Nothing other than memories.

The present ever taking place.

Always leaving all behind